I’ve found a new hobby!
Not that I was particularly looking for it, but it just jumped out at me while searching for a nice new pattern to crochet: amigurumi. Totally in line with the Hobbits “learn to relax” strategy: do something that is ultimately nothing more than pointless fun. Amigurumi is the art of crocheting (or knitting if you’re so inclined) stuffed toys using the basic stitch creating spherical and tubular shapes. Continue reading

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NHS is once again trying to get me to die

OKAY – Time for another rant. The NHS is so dreadfully, awfully terrible! (This statement was a lot longer in my head, but since this is online I though it would be better to delete all expletives. Then the statement was a bit short, so I had to add a few decent words, which really do not come close to expressing my thoughts and feelings) The NHS seems to not know what BRCA1 is, nor care for those affected, nor interested in providing real support like other countries do. It seems more fun and interesting to them to let those affected get cancer first and then offer any and all help necessary. Not really a good strategy in my opinion. Continue reading

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Important Introductions Successful

Wow it has been a busy week. We’ve done the scary thing and introduced his parents to my parents. Meeting for the first time I’m not sure who was more nervous: my parents, his parents or me. Only one person who seemed extremely relaxed about it all: the Hobbit – gosh I wish I was more like him. Continue reading

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No time to talk – Parents are in the country

Woohoo! This week I’ve got not much to say: My parents are here and I’m enjoying a wonderful holiday with them.Living in a different country – even though the actual journey is only about 3 hours – I do not get to see them often, so I’m enjoying every minute of it. So much to chat about, so much to do and so much to organise to make sure they have a nice, relaxing holiday.

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Hobbit has introduced me to a new term: Caturday.

Well I understand that online it has a slightly different meaning, but he says it is a day to make like a cat: sleep, hang around, play, sleep, eat, hang around some more, nap, eat, play etc (in no particular order). Translated: No work, No study, No shopping (since I hate shopping), No tasks, No obligations. It’s actually quite hard to do for a workaholic like me. The only things allowed are: play, crochet, TV, funny things on internet, photography, relaxing baths and general lounging around. I like it! Continue reading

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