Hobbit has introduced me to a new term: Caturday.

Well I understand that online it has a slightly different meaning, but he says it is a day to make like a cat: sleep, hang around, play, sleep, eat, hang around some more, nap, eat, play etc (in no particular order). Translated: No work, No study, No shopping (since I hate shopping), No tasks, No obligations. It’s actually quite hard to do for a workaholic like me. The only things allowed are: play, crochet, TV, funny things on internet, photography, relaxing baths and general lounging around. I like it!

The only drawback and major difficulty is that I’m not allowed to feel guilty about it afterwards. And that’s difficult because I’m silly and totally focussed on all the things I should be doing – especially when I’m not doing them. But I’m learning and of course the Hobbit is right. My weekend with a successful Caturday feels like it’s longer and much more relaxing…

So… without further ado… I’m off again. Perhaps this weekend I can have a Caturday and a half.

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