Important Introductions Successful

Wow it has been a busy week. We’ve done the scary thing and introduced his parents to my parents. Meeting for the first time I’m not sure who was more nervous: my parents, his parents or me. Only one person who seemed extremely relaxed about it all: the Hobbit – gosh I wish I was more like him. All the parents were apparently nervous about what would happen if they didn’t get along. Funny, because that thought had not really crossed my mind. I like my parents and think they’re easily likeable; I like his parents and think they’re easily likeable; so selfishly saw no reason why they wouldn’t like each other. Plus, they’re not really all that different, unless you look at lengths :)I was more worried that they would have trouble understanding each other. My parent’s English is quite good, but his parent’s accents and speed of talking can be hard to follow sometimes. In my worries I saw them all sitting around getting frustrated by have to (ask to) repeat each thing said over and over. Luckily it all went fine. I wasn’t entirely the only one worried about language barriers: My mum in law helped arrange a B&B for my parents and warned the hosts that she was not sure if my father actually spoke English. She’d had my mum on the phone once while I was in the hospital, but never spoke to my dad. While discussing with me on the phone about B&Bs and dates, she heard me translate and discuss in Dutch with my parents and suddenly started worrying that perhaps my dad didn’t speak English at all.
It all worked out well though. We travelled up north at wonderfully slow speeds. There was a fantastic reception waiting at their house, which was a great evening. And then my parents were dropped off at their B&B. We spent the next few days exploring the area and enjoying the wonderful sights and then back to Edinburgh. There we spent the day glued to the television to enjoy THE wedding and then my parents went home, giving the Hobbit and myself a few more days to relax from this adventure before going back to work. What a great holiday this has been.

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